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Welcome to Recd709 – your only choice for professional video production in Kent. We're experts in telling stories through videos, making eye-catching adverts, dynamic music videos, and cool films. Our team is here to bring your ideas to life with awesome visuals. We use the latest equipment and promise to deliver a video you can be proud of.

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Struck Down Charisman

Unplugged and soulful, experience the raw emotion of 'Chairsman' by Struck Down in this acoustic rendition. Let the intimate melodies and heartfelt lyrics captivate your senses as we journey through the depths of sound.

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Ellen Merrall Fungi

The video showcasing the Ellen Merrall Collection, skilfully filmed by RECD709, features the work of Tess, a graduate in Women's Wear Fashion Design from UCA. Tess's final year collection revolves around the captivating shapes, intricate details, and vibrant hues inspired by fungi.

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Struck Down Charisman

Struck Down, an energetic band hailing from Kent, presents their latest music video expertly captured by RECD709. This visually stunning production showcases the band's musical prowess and charismatic energy.

Video Snapshots

Rats Nest Yesterday's Song

Rats Nest a spirited punk band hailing from Kent, presents their latest music video skillfully captured by RECD709. This high-octane production serves as a visceral visual accompaniment to the band's raw and energetic musical style. Set against the backdrop of Canterbury, the video offers a thought provoking experience, reflecting the gritty spirit of Rats Nest's sound. With dynamic performances and a relentless energy, the music video encapsulates the essence of punk rock, capturing the essence of rebellion and self-expression. RECD709's adept filming brings out the grit and passion of the band, delivering a compelling visual narrative that resonates with fans of punk and music enthusiasts alike. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fuelled journey into the world of Rats Nest through this electrifying music video.

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